April is Autism Awareness and Appreciation Month

April is Autism Awareness, Acceptance and Appreciation Month

The sign over our entrance door in the lobby reads

“We’ve Been Touched By Autism”

We’ve Been Touched By Autism

This doesn’t just apply to me & my family, but to our entire Jerrol’s Team. For some of us, we are touched by Autism as parents, siblings or family members. For others, it is being on the Autism Spectrum themselves. For everyone else, it’s being a co-worker and a friend.

We are a small rural area with few of the options available in larger areas, such as Spokane or Seattle. Providers are limited and employment options are limited. Access to training and medical care often force people to travel to the Westside.

At the same time we do have amazing resources like Spirit Therapeutic Riding Center, Trellis, Shadow Wing Ranch, Elmview, Entrust, Parent to Parent, our local school system, our local Developmental Disabilities Administration office, Special Olympics, and all the people inside and outside of  these organizations who have dedicated their careers to help us.

I have enclosed a copy of “Welcome to Holland”  something I do every April. It might help you to understand the perspective of  parents who’s family have been touched by special needs.


P.S. You  can contact me any time at

509 925-9851 or  800 858-2427,

my cell 509 899-0120,

or email Rolf@Jerrols.com