Corrie’s January Craft of the Month

DIY Desk Calendar

DIY Desk Calendar


Picture frame without the glass
Fancy paper
Modge Podge
3 hooks
13 craft tags
Reinforcement labels (white donut stickers)
Letter/number stickers

1. Remove the back of the frame and decoupage the fancy paper to it. Set aside to dry.
2. Put a reinforcement label over the hole on each side of the 13 craft tags.
3. Take 6 of the craft tags and write the months of the year with your letter stickers: (front/back) Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec.
4. Take 2 more craft tags and write with your number stickers: (front/back) 0/1, 2/3. These will be the day’s first digit.
5. With remaining 5 craft tags write: (front/back) 0/1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, 8/9. These will be the day’s second digit.
6. Place three tags inside your frame and use them as a guide to mark where to put your hooks.
7. Screw the hooks into the top of the frame.
8. Reattach the back of the frame.
9. Place the tags onto the hooks! If you find they aren’t easy to hang you can trim the tops or bottoms to make a perfect fit.

There you have it, super easy and fun to make. Enjoy!


-Corrie Ihrke

You can reach Corrie at Corrie@Jerrols.com