Corrie’s June Craft of the Month

Paper Disk Bracelets

Paper Disk Bracelets

One of my favorite internet friends (Brittany Jepsen from “The House That Lars Built) has made a beautiful book called “Craft the Rainbow”. I’ve had so much fun flipping through it. AND I decided to try one of her crafts this month. This paper bracelet is surprisingly sturdy and super cute. Put on your favorite movie and start crafting. (Also check out her book)




1/2″ circle/disk punch

1/16″ hole punch

Elastic string

Super glue


  1. Cut out 350-400 disks from cardstock. (2-3 pieces of cardstock)
  2. Punch the smaller hole in the middle of each disk. (Make sure your elastic string fits through this hole)
  3. Thread the paper disks onto the elastic string until it’s long enough to fit around your wrist.
  4. Tie a knot in string and secure with a drone of super glue. Cut ends and enjoy.


Corrie Ihrke

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