Corrie’s March Craft of the Month

A Pretty Bankers Box

A Pretty Bankers Box

This is a big year at our house ‘cuz my daughter Claire will be turning 18!!! (actually her twin sister Zoe will also be turning 18, I didn’t forget you) But this story is about Claire.

As many of you know Claire has severe autism. And we are applying for legal guardianship. Let’s just say, there’s a LOT of paperwork and I have to file EVERYTHING from here on out. Hence, I was inspired to make a “Pretty Bankers Box”


A bankers box


Contact paper


  1. Cover your box with contact paper. This part can be done very methodically or not (like mine).
  2. Use the tape to attach the corners and edges down (I found they tended to come unstuck)

There you have it! An inexpensive, personal and pretty bankers box!

-Corrie Ihrke

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