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Corrie’s May Craft of the Month

Letter Art

Soooo, I saw on Pinterest this “paint” recipe that you can use to graffiti on buildings. After a couple weeks of spritzing with water it turns into moss. It looks amazing. As much as I would love to cover my mom’s house with a very special mother’s day message, I think she might get a little perturbed. So I came up with this instead.

All you need is:

Foam board

Exacto knife


Floral moss

Hot glue



  1. Draw your word on foam board. I just free handed it, but you can also use a font you like. Make sure it’s at least a half inch thick.
  2. Use your exacto knife to cut it out.
  3. Hot glue the floral moss to the letters. This part is a bit messy.
  4. Cut and shape the moss on the letters. This was by far my favorite part, also very messy.
  5. Hairspray the moss with a couple coats to keep the moss from shedding.

And there you have the perfect art to hang on your mom’s house.

Have Fun!

Corrie Ihrke

You can reach Corrie at Corrie@Jerrols.com