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Meet Jorge, Our Newest Team Member!


My name is Jorge and I am the newest member of the Jerrol’s Team! I’ve already gotten the wonderful opportunity to meet many lovely people within my first few weeks on the job. Learning how to provide top of the line customer service has been a fun and exciting experience. Since I will be seeing more of the Ellensburg community stopping by here at Jerrol’s I will use this opportunity to share a little bit about myself.

I’m a friendly guy who loves talking with anyone and everyone. I am currently attending Central Washington University and plan on majoring in Chemistry and Minoring in Mathematics. I grew up in Moxee, Washington and graduated from East Valley High school where I did Track and field. Specifically, I loved the hurdles event because it allowed me to develop both endurance and to learn that there is a way to surpass any obstacle.

Art is my favorite thing to do. I enjoy drawing realistic portraits of both people and animals. My go to medium is graphite and most recently colored pencils. My most recent drawing was a colored pencil portrait of Harry Potter and it has to be my favorite piece that I have ever made. I hope to continually improve my talent for the rest of my life.

When I’m not drawing or in school I’m out in the forest or up on a mountain. Ever since I was a child I adored being outside so it would make sense that hiking is an enjoyable activity for me. Being in the center of a forest and being able to smell the musky scent of the pine trees and listen to silence and peace allows me to relax. Those things allow me to escape any stress and just roam freely through nature.

Now that you know a little bit about me I can’t wait to meet you when you stop by the store. Hope to see you soon!

-Jorge Garcia

You can reach Jorge at TheTeam@Jerrols.com