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Cooking Time
60 minutes

Number of Servings

Kettle Size
4 quart


Brewers Lentils, Pardina Lentils, Brown Rice, Red Chief Lentils, Dehydrated Bell Peppers, Herbs and Spices, Sea Salt.

Product of Washington State

Gourmet Food Product of Washington State

Rill's Specialty Soups are a Product of Washington State.


Great Ideas for Dressing up your Lentil Chili


Add fresh, mushrooms, kielbasa,sausage, stewmeat or cubed steak. Top with sour cream or grated cheese.


Preapare without meat, if desired add meat substitute.

Tidbits of History - Mount Mazama

Four hundred thousand years ago during the Pleistocene fire and lava flowing out of the Earth birthed Mount Mazama. Mount Mazama continued to grow until 6000 BC. It towered 12,000 feet over the Southern Oregon countryside, the same height as Mt Adams is today. In 5677 BC a huge explosion the size of which the Cascades had not seen for over million years changed the face of Mount Mazama forever.

Mazama began its form altering explosion by sending a plume of ash and pyroclastic material 30 miles into the atmosphere. The ash from this explosion is found all over the Northwest United States and Southern Canada. When Mazama released all of its ash cracks along the outside of the volcano formed and discharged massive amounts of lava. After the material below the volcano was ejected a large hollow spot formed and the volcano collapsed into itself forming a caldera. Mount Mazama still stands over Southern Oregon but is now known as Crater Lake National Park.

The caldera that formed in the center of the once tall and proud volcano has filled up with water from thousands of years of snow and rain. At 1,943 feet deep Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and the 9th deepest lake in the world. The National Park service fondly speaks of Crater Lake as having no comparison is all the world “No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past. It is a place of immeasurable beauty.”

A Bit of Lentil History

Some of the earliest archaeological dating of the existence of lentils goes back 15,000 years to caves discovered in Greece. Lentils have been an important staple over the centuries and were mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 25:30-34. In this Bible story Esau gave up his birthright for a bowl of lentils.

Legume Hints & Nutrition

The USDA recommends that adults eat three cups of beans or legumes per week for the maximum health benefit. Legumes are naturally low in total fat, contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, and are an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron, folic acid, and potassium. Beans should always be sorted, cleaned and washed to remove any small rocks, etc.