Corrie's Craft of the Month for August 2023

Corrie’s Craft of the Month


Woven Bowls


Here is a fun project to do this summer.

Woven Bowls! A super easy and relaxing craft.


Here's what you'll need:

Paper plate

Template (at Jerrols)



Hole lunch (optional)


  1. First cut out your template and trace it onto your paper plate. I flipped my plate upside down when I traced it, but either side works. Cut out your paper plate.


  1. Bend/fold the flaps on your plate up into the shape of a bowl.


  1. Pick your yarn colors (my favorite part) and put a piece of yarn in between any two flaps. Start weaving the yarn in and out of the flaps, round and round and round. If you want to change colors just tie a new color onto your yarn, snip the end off and keep going.


  1. Keep weaving, changing colors if you want, until you reach the top of your bowl. My plate was curved at the top so I ended up cutting the curved part off. Tie your yarn around the last flap and cut off the end. 


  1. You can leave your bowl just as it is or make one last row of stitches around the top. (which is what I did) First you need to hole punch three holes into each flap. One in the middle, then one on each side. Try to evenly space them.


  1. Next run your yarn through any hole on the top of your bowl and leave a little tail hanging out. Next sew  around the top edge of your bowl using the holes you just punched, just like a sewing card. When you're done going all the way around tie the yarn to the tail you left from your first stitch. 


There you have it. A cute/colorful bowl to use for all your treasures. Enjoy!




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